How it began

The key to the success of Zampa Fish has been to adapt to ever changing situations.

When we started the business thirteen years ago we limited our product range to satisfy the fresh fish needs of the many fish and chip shops in and around London. We ensured we were both competitive and reliable while selling fish caught in British waters. Over time we have progressed and expanded the team to include frozen fish.

We have progressively adjusted to the constantly changing demands of the market place. The result is a thriving enterprise that takes pride in serving its customers in an ever evolving world.

When cod became too expensive for some of our customers we were able to source a supply from Hull that meant we could offer a fixed price for three months at a time and enable them to be competitive in the general takeaway market.


When sustainability became an issue we had already become heavily involved in promoting fish from Peterhead Market, urging many of our customers to take part by extolling the benefits of selling cod caught by Scottish trawlers that were part of the sustainable fish scheme (MSC approved) and so ensuring the future of fresh fish in the UK for generations to come.
The Frozen at Sea fish we have to offer is sourced in the sustainable fishing areas of the Barents Sea and North Atlantic. On board the fishing vessels the fish is caught, filleted, packed and frozen all within around 4hours of being caught. This enables the fish to reserve its freshness and consistency of quality. Whilst Zampa Fish are not MSC Approved, all the fish we supply comes from members of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) or the Responsible Fisheries scheme.


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